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About Miss Benny

I just want to share a little bit about who I am and where I came from, before I became Miss Benny of Miss Be Fit!

I was born and raised in rural Manitoba, Canada, and moved to the bustling city of Vancouver in my early twenties. I now live part time in Paris, winter in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, have 2 dogs, and am an Animal Activist. I am a singer/songwriter with 2 successful projects, and have had 2 albums released in Canada as well as videos on Much Music. (The project was called Cooldown) Currently, my band in Paris “Cars Cash Baby” has had singles on the radio in both Paris and Japan.

The study of nutrition was always a subject that pulled at my heart strings, so I began to study nutrition and it’s affects on the body. After healing my own health issues through changes in my own diet and exercise, I decided that I would love to help others do the same. I studied and gained a deep understanding of nutritional diet programs and plans as well as many fitness techniques and workout styles.

I practice a mostly raw vegan diet myself but know the importance of listening to the body and do not believe that one diet is good for everyone.  I have learned to listen to my bodies needs; if I crave steamed vegetables or rice, then that’s what I have. Now, this does not mean that because my body is screaming for chocolate, I listen to that, it means, listen to what the basic needs of your body are, and what it really requires to function well. Every “body” is different, with different nutritional needs.

The science of food and nutrition and its effects on the body is an ongoing study that I am passionate about.  I currently design diet and food plans for my fitness clients to help them achieve their goals more effectively.

I have practiced Pilates for 7 years from one of the first teachers in Canada that was teaching the Joseph Pilates line.

I have studied body movement, alignment and basic kinesiology in order to further my knowledge of how the body moves.

I am an avid runner and have run in several marathons over the years.

Have been practicing yoga for over 10 years which include; Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga.
I am a certified Yoga Teacher and I currently teach Vinyasa classes in Paris and Playa del Carmen.

I am a personal trainer/fitness coach in Paris to a number of clients, and I design each workout specific to that person and tailor it to their goals.  This includes Pilates, Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training and Calisthenics (with the use of smaller hand weights, as I believe that working with one’s own body weight is better for the body).

The results I have had with my clients have been outstanding!
Thanks so much for visiting my site!
Enjoy and have fun!
Miss Benny

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