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Published on July 3rd, 2012 | by Miss Be Fit


All Things Blonde…


It always amazes me how much something I’ve been doing for years can still make me feel like I’ve just come from zero to hero…re-blonding;)

It doesn’t matter how down in the dumps or crappy I feel, or how tired looking I am, as soon as I leave the salon, I’m a brand new happy, prettier, ‘me’. (well, at least in my mind!)

There is something magical about a girl’s relationship with her stylist, and I’ve been so lucky to have some of the best practice their voodoo on this seriously over-processed-but-still-hanging-in-there, lid.  Sure, there have been times when I march into the salon with full intentions of : ‘This is it, I’m cutting this mop off.  Pixie cut it is’ or ‘I’ve had it I’m going back to dirty blonde, or wait! let’s try brown’. This is usually at the breaking point, when I shy away from mirrors and the oh so dreaded iPhone cams of friends because I can’t face  the 7 cm roots that make me look like a grunge princess circa 1997. And if I look closely enough at that sandy re-growth, will I see GREY?!?!?  Ooh, things I’m not ready to acknowledge quite just yet. (I knew of a girl who went completely grey in her 20s!…she owned it though and wore it well…I wonder what color her hair is now?)

But as soon as I’m greeted by Herbert’s big smile and bises (by the way, he’s always in a good mood), and the moment I sit in the chair and let him take over, I forget it all. We could talk forever:  music, fashion, endless shades of blonde, dogs, tropical vacations, our partners, houses, Paris, Normandy, and of course always a healthy dose of Madonna. And if I’m in a low mood for whatever reason, he seems to know just the right things to say.  At that point, I know I’m in the good hands of someone who actually cares not only about my hair, but about me.  Once I told him of my new hair color ideas, and he simply said, ‘No Benny, that’s not ‘you’, you are all things ‘blonde’.  This is your personality.’  And each time when he is finished his magic, I can look in the mirror, breathe a sigh of relief, smile, and know that he is absolutely right.

And for that, I ♥Herbert.


(Introducing 10 1/2 week old Ella, the newest addition to the Herbert Bauer Salon. Can be found sleeping and growing in her corner bed. She is the cuteness!)




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  1. Suzanne says:

    If you live in or are visiting Paris, Herbert is the BEST! And not just for blondes in case anyone is wondering. Also, his staff is fantastic so don’t be shy if the man himself is too fully booked. :)

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