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Published on June 19th, 2012 | by Miss Be Fit



Navel to spine!

Hello Lovelies and welcome to the MissBeFitTV community, a genuine group of people aiming for change.

I know there are many fitness sites, blogs & videos out there, and I think it’s fantastic that we have such a huge selection to help us on the journey to looking and feeling A+.  Being a part of the whole online fitness community is both exciting and daunting…and I must remember to stick to what I do best, and that is, knowing that there is a pocket of people out there that will benefit from what I have to offer.

My goal is to build a community of people with realistic health & fitness goals, ones that will help us all relate to each other and help each other. (My other goal of course, is to make you break a sweat;)  For years now, I have seen the results of my techniques work time and time again. This is proof enough for me to know that I am using the right techniques to help my clients achieve and go beyond their goals.

So, here I sit in my flat in Paris, bookended by my 2 sweet dogs, taking in all the new MBFTV (Miss Be Fit TV) changes.  I am amazed at the outcome.  The efforts and results that my MBFTV team have put together are nothing less than outstanding! But, there is a part of me that feels ‘exposed’, and I can compare that feeling to what it must feel like to have a naked pic of oneself posted on the web!

So, there’s a little discomfort along with the thrill…

We all have that negative self talk and we all struggle to bury that beast! To open oneself up for criticism is a frightening feeling. In my head I hear:   her form is off, she’s not doing that right, a true Yogi does NOT mess with or change an Asana, she looks tired, I hate her voice, what’s with that hair (…ummm  let’s get that one out of the way right now: it’s super humid in Mexico, hence the ‘Jungle Jane’ look in some vids;)), look she has scars, or the worst one ‘that’s not a six-pack!’.  Those kinds of criticisms are our worst fears, which seem kind of big sometimes. Why wouldn’t I focus on all the things that I do right?  Well, that’s just the way it is…it’s like some sort of mechanism that we have, to be our own worst critic;)…to rain on our parade before someone else does…a simple human self-preservation technique, right?

What’s great is that I have, well we ALL have, the ability to be less critical of others, and the ability to remind ourselves to believe in what we do, to trust ourselves.  After all, if we can’t trust ourselves, who can we trust?  I can remind myself of all the successes I’ve had helping my numerous clients over the years.  When I think about how hard these ladies & gentlemen have worked to change their bodies, and how they have put their trust in me week after week, and how surprised their faces are when the inches dwindle on the dreaded ‘monthly measurements’, that gives me the power to overcome any negative criticism that may be coming my way.  They believed in my methods and they spread the word, and that is how all this began!  I am so grateful for them and for being able to be a part of their changes.

It’s funny, session after session; they opened up and became vulnerable with me. I’ve poked muscles, aligned limbs, flicked glutes that may not be engaged. (and quite often I’ve earned the name ‘Helga’ or ‘Yoga Stalin’…lol)  And I think, ‘Wow! they are letting me do this because they trust the outcome. So, now it’s my turn, to let myself be vulnerable and trust the outcome, and that’s a big part of any risk one takes in life, whether it be the decision to be healthy, lose weight, run a marathon, start yoga, end a relationship, change career paths, move to another country..etc etc.  I think in the end, we just have to trust that the outcome will teach us, and make us stronger in some way, even if it’s not the way we had initially hoped for.

There you have it!  My first blog entry for MBFTV, and I look forward to sharing much more in future entries.   This is my ‘hello’, so to speak, so it’s a bit personal. But, I promise, coming soon will be posts with my thoughts and opinions on all things fitness/health/and happiness related…(along with the occasional personal outbursts;)

Let’s workout hard, eat well, be kind, laugh & love!


Miss Benny



About the Author

is a Yoga Instructor and personal trainer, the creator of Miss Be Fit TV, a new mix of traditional yoga and interval training. Her YogaRock System is a proven 12 minute daily workout routine, that will tone you up and allow you to build and maintain the muscle you have always wanted.

6 Responses to Helga?!

  1. Paula Williams says:

    Congratulations Benny! You are really rocking this scene, loving everything you are doing here. You can definitely count me in for part of your community :)

  2. Angry Strawberry says:

    MBFTV fans,
    as part of her core client group, I can tell you that the work-outs do work. You just have to do them!
    And be thankful to get Helga in nice little perfectly timed videos. In real life she can’t count to 3. Which means that “3 more” exercises end up being 10… come to think of it, that maybe why we get great results time after time :)
    Keep up the good work Ms B!

  3. Jen Bennett says:

    After my first day of actually DOING a video, instead of watching them and saying “now, that doesn’t look too hard” between sips of coffee, I can attest that 12 minutes can be intense! I’m sore already, can’t wait to try another one. Thanks for the inspiration!

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