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Published on July 16th, 2012 | by Miss Be Fit


The Magic of Hemp…and it’s not what you think…

As a person whose diet is mainly vegan and mostly raw, protein is an issue for me at times.  I can definitely tell when I’m low.  I try to eat enough fruits and vegetables to get an adequate amount, but let’s face it, life gets in the way, and I can’t eat 12 hours a day!  I’ve tried soy protein and that does not go over so well with me.  And while I did cut out dairy long ago, I would still depend on processed whey protein as a source.

In all my research, and by paying attention to how my body reacts to different types of protein, I have found a winner….HEMP. This little seed is gaining mucho popularity these days as a type of wonder protein source. Aside from being a million times healthier than animal protein, this little gem not only contains all 10 amino acids, but is high in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain functioning, growth, regulating metabolism, stimulating hair and skin growth, just to name a few.

Hemp is also an amazing antioxidant and a great source of good old Vitamin E.  It contains substantial amounts of magnesium and iron. And, what I really like about this source of protein, unlike others, is that it is high in fiber, which we all know, is important for intestinal health as well as moving pollutants and toxins out of the body.

Some people complain about a gritty texture, but it depends on the brand and what quality of hemp protein you seek out.  I think it’s important that the seed be raw and organic, and make sure there are NO fillers.  I like the taste.  It’s mellow and easily blended with other flavors in your morning smoothie.

And finally, hemp is sustainable, the ‘green’ choice that is a not only healthier than animal based proteins, and lower in cost to produce, but more environmentally friendly. Think of all the resources used, and the amount of land on this planet it now takes to produce the amounts of animal protein that is in high demand.  Slightly frightening. (please read the CNBC article linked below)

So, if you can find it, try it out! Or you can always order online.  In my opinion, with all it’s health benefits, it’s an absolute asset to anyone’s diet and health, and environmentally speaking, is definitely the right choice.


Here is some further reading on Hemp protein:



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