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Published on July 15th, 2012 | by Miss Be Fit


What Are You Grateful For?

I was thinking recently of gratitude.

We all get caught up in life…wanting, and working.  We work because we want.   We want new shoes, a better car, nicer homes, (which we think will lead us to a better life), therefore, we work, work, work for it.  We want to look better in our ‘skinny jeans’, we want washboard abs, a perfect we work, work, work for it.  We buy this and buy that (in no small part thanks to an overload of sneaky marketing campaigns),  thinking it’s what we need to make us better.  We workout like demons thinking if our arms were more toned we might finally get asked out on a date! After much reflection, I realized that we are so busy wanting, and buying, and working our butts off to pay for what we want to buy, why not look at what’s already there, and pick a few things to be grateful for.  I’m not saying to stop wanting and working, but let’s give ourselves a break once in awhile and choose a few things that we already have,  and focus on that.  Perhaps that forgotten dress hanging in the closet that at one time you thought was amazing, still is?  And maybe that will save you the $$ you would spend to buy a new one?  Instead of wanting to cry every time you see a photo of yourself in a tank top because you despise your triceps, how about taking a look at the sexy sharp lines of your clavicle/collarbone? Wherever there’s a negative…there HAS to be a positive. And if you don’t see that, you’re not looking hard enough.

I’m sure most of us have read or heard about the exercise of each day writing 3-5 things that we are instantly grateful for, no matter how mundane we think it may be (this morning I am grateful to see another day;).  I do try and practice this each day, but like everyone else, I get caught up in ‘life’ and before I know it, I have stopped this small ritual. But when I look back at the times when I was on the ‘gratitude wagon’, I clearly see that I felt more grateful, and happy with what I have.  Funny, that. Is it because I made myself focus, even for a moment, on the small victories of my ‘self’?  I don’t know.  All I can tell you is that it really works.  Gratefulness works.

So this week, let’s try it.  As soon as you wake up (ok well, maybe while you are brushing your teeth;) let’s focus on 3 things we are immediately grateful for.  Think about each one for a minute, about ‘why’ you are grateful for each. Write it down, make a mental note, take a picture. Whatever suits you.  7 day ‘Gratitude’ challenge!  And please, feel free to post on here how and if this has changed anything about the way you think about your life.

We ALL have things we need to be grateful for, and I think it’s time we stopped ignoring gratitude and paid it a little more attention. 😉

And for the record, today I am grateful for: my strong arms, my wonderful partner, and the way my 2 dogs have to have morning cuddle time.  Now, how about you?

ps/ This is a super handy iPhone or iPad app that I’ve been using for a few years.  I love it because not only is it easy to use and upload photos to go with the things you are grateful for, but it also gives you an uplifting little daily quote.  (And I adore the super cute ‘buddha’ icon;)

Get it here:

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is a Yoga Instructor and personal trainer, the creator of Miss Be Fit TV, a new mix of traditional yoga and interval training. Her YogaRock System is a proven 12 minute daily workout routine, that will tone you up and allow you to build and maintain the muscle you have always wanted.

3 Responses to What Are You Grateful For?

  1. Heather says:

    My kitty who wakes me up to Bunny-lovin each morning.
    Waking up to sunshine after weeks of my morning walk to work being through puddles and dodging splashing from trucks.
    A good night’s sleep (ok, maybe there I’m also grateful for Ambien and knowing when I have to get up early enough that taking it at 9am and hitting the hay is really worth it….)

    How’s that to kick the week off?

    • Miss Be Fit says:

      Awww!!! Thanks for sharing lovely Heather!!! I love that your kitty wakes you up each morning 😉 That is a great way to kick off the week…even if Ambien is involved!lol Now, keep going for the rest of the week and let’s see if it gets harder;))

  2. David says:


    I am thankful, this morning, for a clean hotel room on the road. Very helpful customer service at American Airlines (in Paris – can you believe it?) and a very supportive and understanding wife.



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